Prior to your arrival at Chalet Floralie, we would like to assure you of the measures that we have put in place for this season for the comfort and safety of both our guests and staff. As you are of course aware, we must adapt our service where necessary to meet Covid-19 guide-lines but will be ensuring we execute this with as little interference as possible to our usual exceptionally high standards of service and Floralie ‘home from home’ welcome.

We will be adopting the following procedures for this season and will continually monitor and adapt if necessary in order to comply at all times with current guidelines:


Social Distancing
We will continue to greet all our guests with a big smile and our usual warm welcome but sadly without the usual handshake on arrival or departure this season. Our staff will maintain social distancing as far as possible and the closest they will come will be when serving at both breakfast and dinner, when they will maintain side by side contact, rather than face to face when possible.


Staff training
All our staff are expected to confirm each morning before work that they are not suffering any Covid-19 symptoms (a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste) and they are aware of everything laid out in this protocol.


Chalet Cleaning
Our cleaning standards at Chalet Floralie are of the highest standard, Covid-19 aside, but we will be implementing additional cleaning of frequent touch points such as the entrance keypads, handles and light switches. We will also be using sanitiser following our usual cleaning procedures.

Our staff will open the bedroom windows when cleaning to allow air flow.


Face Coverings
Our staff will wear face coverings upon guest arrival and liaise with you as to your preferences when working in the chalet (unless they become obligatory). Both guests and staff will be required to follow local guidelines when in the resort/on the ski lifts and should be aware of the latest French guidelines re mask wearing in lift queues/when in bubble lifts (and the type of masks which are acceptable).


Hand Sanitiser
We will have hand sanitiser available in the entrance hall, ski room and bar/dining area which can be used as necessary, alongside hand washing. We ask that all guests sanitise their hands on first arrival in the chalet and then upon arriving back from skiing every day thereafter.


Guest Details
We will have asked for all guest details prior to arrival (not just the lead guest), should we need to make contact after departure in line with Covid-19 procedures.