Spending Snow Days at Chalet Floralie

The Curious Skier

09 February 2021

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How to Spend Snow Days at Chalet Floralie

While snow days are great, giving us plenty of powder on which we can ski or board, they can hamper our plans somewhat – especially if it’s coming down thick and fast. With that in mind, below we have laid out 10 ways in which you can wait out a whiteout and spend snow days at Chalet Floralie.



Read a book


Book and spectacles on a bed


With an extensive library of fiction and non-fiction, coffee table and guide-books, we are sure that you will find your next favourite read at Chalet Floralie. For more inspirations, why not read our blog in which we list out top five must-read books about the mountains.



Watch a film


Girl watching movie and eating popcorn


There’s no better time to watch a movie than on a cold winter’s day. At Chalet Floralie we have a broad selection of films and series and with streaming services including Netflix and Amazon Prime, we invite you to sit back, relax and ensconce yourselves with a great movie.



Paint a Picture


Paint brushes and colour pots on white background


Find a quiet corner, get out your sketch pad and go where your imagination takes you. Studies have shown that being creative can reduce stress levels, allow you to focus more clearly and help you relax. We can’t wait to see your talents at drawing and painting.





Woman meditating at sunrise


Just as with letting out your creative side, practicing mindfulness can reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety, and can improve both your psychological and overall mental well-being. Here at Ski Floralie we love allowing our guests to fully relax and be at one with nature while all the while being pampered and treated like royalty for one wonderful holiday. For those seeking some help, apps such as Headspace or Calm are perfect for carving space in the day for mindfulness.



Start a Mindfulness Project


Scrapbook with polaroids


If you’ve been constantly moving and stressing until now and haven’t quite settled into your holiday mode just yet, take time this snow day for reflection and gratitude. Sitting down with pen and paper and writing a journal or putting together a holiday scrapbook/diary is a good way to take your mind off your stressors.



Play a Game


Pile of Scrabble letter tiles


Sit out this snow day with a game the whole family can enjoy. From board games to word puzzlers, we have something for everyone at Chalet Floralie.



Enjoy Our Spa and Wellness Area


Chalet Floralie - Wellness Suite Spa


At Chalet Floralie, we are delighted to be able to tempt you to use our beautiful spa and sauna to while away the hours in perfect luxury and relaxation. You can even watch a film or listen to music while you wallow in wonderfully warm water to make it a day of perfect pleasure!



Listen to Music


Pair of headphones on a white background


Putting together a mix-tape may soon be a lost art, but you can recreate the fun by making playlists of your favourite songs on your digital music device and with an interconnected Sonos sound system in the chalet you can then enjoy your playlist as you sit back and look at the snow from the comfort of a well-situated armchair! If you’re looking for inspiration, take a listen to this.



Brace the Cold and Play Outside


Father and child build a snowman


If you have young children with you during your stay with us, why not try braving the cold and snow, and play outside? While adults may seem less into this idea, build a snowman, make snow angels or stage a snowball fight. When you’re ready to come back in, we’ll be there to welcome you with mugs of steaming cocoa!



Enjoy Dinner


Table laid for dinner


With the day almost over and the kids in bed, take the time to enjoy an expertly crafted meal from our talented Master Chef paired with a perfect bottle of wine. Why not put on that playlist you made earlier or show your friends or family the drawing you’ve been working on all day? Take this time to be together as a family and make your stay at Chalet Floralie truly memorable!