Top 5 Movies about Winter-Sports You Have to Watch This Winter

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26 January 2021

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Top 5 Movies about Winter-Sports You Have to Watch This Winter

As the ski season draws near, ‘tis the season to get yourself in the mood for winter sports, and what better way than watching some classic winter movies? Listed below are our Top 5 favourite winter sport films to fuel your winter fantasies for the upcoming ski season.

The Cutting Edge movie poster

The Cutting Edge

Although it could be classed as “just another rom-com”, The Cutting Edge is set around former hockey player, Doug Dorsey, and the spoiled and entitled champion figure-skater Kate Moseley as skating partners. Combining drama and romance, the film portrays their attempt to win an Olympic medal. This heart-warming film will leave you yearning for your skates!


Cool Runnings movie poster

Cool Runnings

Arguably the best movie ever made about a Jamaican bobsled team, Cool Runnings is a quintessential winter-sports movies. It’s cheesy, perhaps culturally dubious and very ‘90s, but there are many charms to this movie that’s based on a true story.


Eddie the Eagle movie poster

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is sort of the “Cool Runnings” of Britain. The movie tells the true story of Michael Edwards, who became the first Briton to compete in ski jumping in the Olympics for 60 years. As with the Jamaican bobsled team, it didn’t go great from a performance perspective, but it was still a momentous occasion.


Chalet Girl movie poster

Chalet Girl

Felicity Jones, star of “Rogue One”, plays Kim, a former teen skateboard champ who abandons it all after a family tragedy. After getting a job as a chalet girl in Austria, she sees if she’s got what it takes to be a champion snowboarder. Amiable, silly and with a feel-good feeling, Chalet Girl makes for a fun night in.


Downhill Racer movie poster


Downhill Racer

As casts go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Robert Redford and Gene Hackman star alongside each other in this film about a skier. What makes Downhill Racer so good, however, isn’t necessarily the plot—it’s been done thousands of times before—but rather the way it’s shot, with most ski scenes shot from first person, making the action feel as if we’re right there on the slopes ourselves.


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Art of Flight movie poster


The Art of Flight

Considered one of the greatest (and most beautiful) ski films ever made, this cutting-edge documentary shows some of the best freestyle snowboarding captured on film. With 77 minutes of jaw-dropping footage and beautiful, remote scenery, The Art of Flight is accompanied by a heart-pounding soundtrack which is sure to make you yearn for the slopes.


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