First Family Ski Holiday Tips

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04 January 2022

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First Family Ski Holiday Tips

With over 10 years experience of luxury hospitality, Chalet Floralie has hosted more than a few family ski holidays, and our following five tips will ensure you and your family have an amazing ski holiday. Taking the family skiing is a wonderful experience, especially if your kids are at the right age to start learning to ski. Read on to see our top five best tips of spending a vacation you’re sure not to forget in a



1. Choose Your Resort


This is perhaps the most important family ski holiday decision you have to make. The Alps are filled with resorts – there are literally hundreds! And choosing the correct one for your family is key. Chalet Floralie is located in the charming alpine village of Saint Martin de Belleville, and this a not only the gateway to the entire Three Valleys, but also hosts a few gentle, beginner slopes of its own. The chalet is less that 50 metres from the lifts and the nursery slope, making it an ideal base for families setting off on their first skiing adventure together. St Martin de Belleville is lucky in that the École de Ski Français (ESF) offers lessons on the nursery slope itself, which is a definite must is either you or your children have never skied before. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can teach each other – it’s messy, stressful and could potentially be dangerous. Ski instructors are fully train a d will have you on your feet (and skis!) and whizzing down the mountain in no time at all!



2. Choose a Chalet


Choose your chalet wisely. Be honest – will you end up carrying the children’s skis and poles as well as your own if you have to walk to the pistes? If yes, then we highly recommend renting a chalet close to the pistes – such as our very own Chalet Floralie. Local nannies can be arranged, and can help to look after the little ones while you continue skiing in the afternoon, or when their ski lessons have finished. The chalet is fully equipped with games and activities for the kids to enjoy, and when everyone is back from a fun day on the slopes we will ensure you all have a warm cup of cocoa in your hands to warm up!



3. Plan Your Entertainment


While Saint Martin de Belleville does offer some après-ski entertainment, such as in the Dahlia, which can be found opposite the ski lifts, our wonderful team at Chalet Floralie will ensure there is enough entertainment on hand for all ages. You are most likely to be heading to the pistes in the mornings, and whether you’re climbing on the lifts to go to the blacks, or you’re shuffling along to the ski school, skiing is definitely the order of the morning in the Alps.


Come lunchtime, our chalet staff can organise a café or slope-side restaurant for you to meet in for some well-earned grub, and a run-through of the morning’s escapades. Easy on the vin chaud though, if you’re planning on heading back out to the slopes!


With a fully stocked library of books and games, as well as an entertainment-room with films and video games on offer, we are sure that you and your family will enjoy every moment you aren’t on the slopes! And after you’ve put the young ones to bed, the adults can enjoy cocktails and canapés before a sumptuous meal freshly prepared by our mater chef.



4. Hiring Ski Gear


Having the right gear is important on any ski holiday, let alone your first family ski holiday! Wearing gear that’s old, too thin, or doesn’t fit will result in being damp, frozen, and sporting several blisters! Trust us, it’s a recipe for tantrums.


Order your gear rental when you book your holiday, but get it all fitted in the resort. That way the experts will be able to fit your boots, helmet and skis correctly.


If you want to buy your ski jacket and salopettes, gloves and goggles, you might find discount stores such as TK Maxx useful. They stock equipment for all ages at an affordable cost. See our essential ski packing list and use our handy checklist to ensure you’re slope-ready.



5. Sort Out Timings


It is important to consider when to book your family ski holiday. While Christmas and the New Year are popular, they can be expensive and the slopes and bars are generally packed with competent skiers. It may be wise, therefore, to consider booking for the Spring, when an Easter holiday will be slightly less chilly than in December or January, and the days are often gloriously sun and clear. It does, however, mean that the snow won’t be guaranteed, and the later you go, the higher the chance that the snow may be melting.


If you can afford not to, try not to book those crack-of-dawn flights. They’re alluringly cheap, but both you and the little ones will be exhausted by the time you get to the chalet. Whether it’s lunchtime or not, all you’ll likely want to do is have a quick bite and flop into bed.



The most important thing is not to overthink your first family ski holiday, as it’s guaranteed to be an amazing experience for everyone. Feel free to browse through the website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send a message to our friendly customer team.


We look forward to seeing you soon!